LK is profoundly honored to receive Learning Enterprise Awards 2017

From: 2017-11-22 To: 2017-11-22

Country: Hong Kong

LK values of diverse talent to global businesses

From: 2017-09-20 To: 2017-09-20

Country: China

Joining Conference of the 2017 AEME

From: 2017-08-28 To: 2017-08-28

Country: China

On behalf of Zhongshan intelligent manufacturing industry, LK has proudly attended the events and showcased its latest craftsmanship on plastic injection, gaining great awareness from participants.

Changchun Automotive Trade Center Visit

From: 2017-07-26 To: 2017-07-28

Country: China

A delegation of Hong Kong Foundry Association led by Mr. Liu SiongSong, its chairman and the founder of LK, visited Automotive Trade Center in Changchun, China’s automotive industry city, witnessing modernized car manufacturing industry and the company’s leading quality and technology.

ISO/TC 306 Authorized LK CEO Mr. Jim Liu as Deputy Head of China

From: 2017-07-07 To: 2017-07-07

Country: China