Quality is one of our keys to succeed, the L.K. Group has designed and implemented a stringent quality management system to ensure that each stage of operations: sourcing, manufacturing, delivery and after-sales services are performed to the highest quality standards.

We have conducted the principal quality control tests throughout our operations:

  • Raw materials and components quality control test

  • Processing procedure quality control test

  • Assembly procedure quality control test

  • Finished product quality control test

Inspections and testing are carried out at all stages of the production process in order to verify that products manufactured by the Group conform to the quality standards demanded by our customers as well as the regulatory authorities and specific laws of the relevant countries. This entails the quality control team conducting sample checks on parts and a full inspection on components and finished products. Neither parts and components nor finished products will move to the next stage in the production process or be delivered to customers until all are tested and fully comply with specific standards and specifications.

L.K. today has over a hundred staffs working in quality control and assurance positions. We also formulate training programmes on a regular basis for staff in various departments to upgrade their skills and technical knowledge. Under this policy, we keep our staff well trained to ensure quality production. For example, our customer service staff have undergo formal in-house training to equip themselves with the skills to handle technical inquiries and provide technical support to customers. All this training ensures top quality products and services. Moreover, the quality control department at each factory also maintains detailed statistical records to evaluate the performance of the production run. So, early identification of problems will lead to cost savings and a reduction in defects.