L.K. maintains a worldwide service network, covering comprehensive maintenance and service needs. No project is too small or too big for us to handle.

All L.K. machines are built to meet exact specifications to ensure customer satisfaction. We also provide full warranty coverage on all L.K.'s products based on world standards and practices.

In order to assist our partners in maintaining high machine availability, we also offer various maintenance and service solutions, including preventive maintenance services, and an urgent repair and fill service maintenance programme with labour and spare parts in strict accordance with your needs and requirements.

Q1) How to calculate the power consumption?

A1) Pump Motor (kW) + Heating Capacity (kW) + Control Capacity (~0.5kw) = Power consumption.

Q2) How to replace the ballonet?

A2) Shutdown the machine, press down all emergency buttons, switch off the power supply, discharges the accumulator:

  1. Remove the cover of the accumulator.
  2. Prepare the special tool (spanner). Set free the N2 with a screwdriver by pushing the charging port
  3. Loose off the big screw of the accumulator with the special spanner.
  4. Take out the loose ring, O-ring, ballonet off
  5. Clean all the inner surface of the accumulator
  6. Put the new ballonet into the accumulator carefully
  7. Fix the O-ring, loose ring
  8. Put some pressure glue to the threads.
  9. Tight the big screw
  10. Charge accumulator the N2.
  11. Start the machine and check shot pressure.